Leaders of Department of Agricultural Product Technology

Head of Department

Dr. Teti Estiasih, STP. MP

NIP. 19701226 200212 2 001


Secretary of Department

Kiki Fibrianto, STP, M.Phil, Ph.D

NIP. 19820206 200501 1 001


Head of Food Technology Study Program

Erni Sofia Murtini, STP, MP, PhD

NIP. 19731020 200112 2 001


Head of Biotechnology Study Program

Endrika Widyastuti, S.Pt, M.Sc. MP

NIP. 19850925 201212 2 002


Head of Master Program

Dr. Ir. Elok Zubaidah, MP

NIP. 19590821 199303 2 001


Head of Quality Assurance Unit (UJM)

Rosalina Ariesta Laeliocattleya, SSi. MSi.

NIK. 2013098703252001


Department of Agricultural Technology website can be visited at thp.ub.ac.id


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