Agritech Sport FTP Visits FT UBAYA

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Desember 3, 2019
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Desember 4, 2019

Agritech Sport FTP Visits FT UBAYA

Saturday (11/16/19), Agritech Sport a sport activity unit of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology held a study visit to the Surabaya University of Surabaya (UBAYA) Faculty of Engineering Sports UKM, Surabaya. Study visit is an annual work program of Agritech Sport in the form of visits to other faculties or universities to learn to work with sports organizations at the university or faculty level. The visit was attended by all members of Agritech Sport and welcomed by all members of the UBAYA Faculty of Engineering Sports UKM. During the visit UBAYA Faculty of Engineering Sports UKM gave advice in managing athletes to be able to compete at the national level.


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