Autis, Automatic Watering on Worms Lumbricus rubelus Cultivating

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Mei 22, 2015
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Autis, Automatic Watering on Worms Lumbricus rubelus Cultivating

autis cacingThe number baglog (mushroom growing media waste) generated by the oyster mushroom farmers, only 25% are used again. While the rest is still untapped, and only burned to reduce the amount of waste. This has led to new environmental problems are pollution and air pollution due to combustion gases. It is the background of five students of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) UB, Jatmiko Eko witoyo (TEP 2012), Riyadhul Badiah (TEP 2012), Linda Luvi Nurwindi (TEP 2012), Luke Revelation (TEP 2012) and Astriviana (TEP 2013) under the guidance of Rini Yulianingsih, STP, MT seeks to utilize waste oyster mushroom growing medium as a medium for the cultivation of worms Lumbricus rubelus livestock. To facilitate farmers in the cultivation of worms, the student also designed the automatic sprinklers. Autism (Automatic Temperature and Soil Moisture Control) is used as a design tool automatic sprinklers on the cultivation of worms Lumbricus rubelus applied in SMEs belonging to Muslims in Selorejo village, subdistrict Dau, Malang district in the activities of Student Creativity Program of Technology (PKM-T).


cacingThis tool works with the system detects changes in temperature and soil moisture on the environment, which will then be processed by minimum system in the form of long output watering has been adjusted to the optimum conditions for the growth of worms Lumbricus rubelus. LM35 temperature sensor and humidity sensor SHT11 soil will be placed in the media cattle worms. Every ten minutes will do readings of environmental conditions. The combination of temperature and soil moisture that has been detected by the sensor will be used as a reference the old watering will be in accordance with rules which have been made.


team autis cacingThrough Autism implementation it is expected to help reduce environmental problems with the use of baglog (mushroom growing media waste) as well as boost the economy by cultivating worms Lumbricus rumbricus  rubelus by leveraging AUTIS technology. (Translated by Ratri)

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