Mei 22, 2019

(Indonesian) Mahasiswa FTP Juarai National Food Technology Competition (NFTC) 2019

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Mei 21, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) training and commercialization of Student Innovations in 4.0-Based Agricultural Technology

FTP student organizations hold scientific development activities for students, namely Internet of Thing (IoT) Training and Commercialization of Student Innovation in Agricultural Technology in accordance with […]
Mei 20, 2019

HACCP Competency Certification Agricultural Product Technology Department in collaboration with PT. JMKP LSP (Quality Assurance and Food Safety)

The Agricultural Product Technology Department held activities to support academic competencies of the students. The activity is the HACCP (Hazard Analytical Critical Control Point) certification on […]
Mei 19, 2019

Absen Perkuliahan SP Genap 2018/2019

Termobakteriologi TPB4167 Kelas Q Genap 2018 Statistika Industri 1 TPI4231 Kelas C Genap 2018 Statistika TPF4242 Kelas B Genap 2018 Riset Operasi 1 TPI4230 Kelas C […]