Mei 12, 2019

Creating Good Enviromentalist Through Organization Training Camp

For the sake of being a good environmentalist , not only an understanding of the environment that must be owned, but also the ability to be […]
Mei 12, 2019

Field Trip of Environmental Engineering Students to MCK Terpadu Tlogomas

Clean water is one of an important aspect of life. As the population growth continues to increase, also with the liquid waste. This impact causes the […]
Mei 11, 2019

Pigachu! Bring Unique Products to the TEP FTP UB Entrepreneurship Bazaar

Today’s culinary business is already well known for its huge profits. Remembering culinary is something that is dynamic and will always develop at any time. However, […]
Mei 11, 2019

Introducing Local Products Through the Entrepreneurship Bazaar of TEP FTP UB

Entrepreneurship is one of the soft skills that everyone must have. By learning entrepreneurship, people will get used to being more creative and able to see […]