Mei 5, 2019

Agritechno Business Center (ABC) Conduct Business Proposal and Design Training

Sunday (28/4) Agritechno Business Center (ABC) held a Business and Design Proposal Training. This activity comes with the theme “Develop Business Ideas by Writing and Designing”. […]
Mei 5, 2019

THP Students Receive Honorable Mention in National Level ONMIPA-PT

Cita Kurnia H who is a 2017 Agriculture Product Technology student successfully made the name of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Universitas Brawijaya. This student […]
Mei 4, 2019

THP FTP Invites Export Business Practitioners in Entrepreneurship Guest Lecture

Saturday (27/4) THP FTP brought a Fasil PPEI Export Business Practitioner to Guest Lecture today. Sumhaji has been experienced in this business since 2012. He exports […]
Mei 4, 2019

THP Brings Industry Practitioners from PT. Greenfield in the Guest Lecture entitled Control of the Dairy Food Production Process

Saturday (27/4) THP held a Guest Lecture for Students of the 2018 titled Control of the Production Process of Dairy Products. Ms. Zamnia is an Industrial […]