Mei 4, 2019

THP FTP Invites Export Business Practitioners in Entrepreneurship Guest Lecture

Saturday (27/4) THP FTP brought a Fasil PPEI Export Business Practitioner to Guest Lecture today. Sumhaji has been experienced in this business since 2012. He exports […]
Mei 4, 2019

THP Brings Industry Practitioners from PT. Greenfield in the Guest Lecture entitled Control of the Dairy Food Production Process

Saturday (27/4) THP held a Guest Lecture for Students of the 2018 titled Control of the Production Process of Dairy Products. Ms. Zamnia is an Industrial […]
Mei 4, 2019

THP Brings Practitioners from Indolakto Purwosari As a Guest Lecture Themed Product Development Dairy Food

Saturday (27/4) at the THP 2nd Floor Hall of THP held a guest lecture on Product Development Dairy Food. This guest lecture is required for all […]
Mei 3, 2019

THP Professor Becomes Keynote Speaker of LIPI Functional Food FGD

Prof., Dr. Teti Estiasih, STP. MP. Professor of Chemistry and Lipid Technology of Agricultural Product Technology (THP) Faculty of Agricultural Technology Universitas Brawijaya (FTP UB) was […]