Mei 3, 2019

National level FTP achievement “1st Place at LKTI 2019 at the University of Bengkulu”

Saturday, April 27, 2019 FTP students re-incised champions at the National level. The three students namely Maulidia Hilaili, Usman Sihab, and Bakti Pertiwi won 1st place […]
Mei 3, 2019

International Achievement of FTP in the Event “Indonesia International Invention Festival 2019 at Machung University”

Good news again to come for the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Faculty of the Place of Achievement. Various victories have been made by Faculty of Agricultural […]
Mei 2, 2019

(Indonesian) Donowarih Karangploso jadi Desa Binaan FTP UB

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian.
Mei 2, 2019

CPPBT Proposal From FTP Delegation Entered the Funding Phase

One more achievement was obtained by the delegation from the FTP team. The team consists of Sakinah Hilya, Inggita Revira, and Ramadana Alyauma. The three students […]