Maret 2, 2016

Yudicium February 2016

Februari 22, 2016

(Indonesian) Rancang Pembangkit Listrik Bertenaga Ombak, Mahasiswa TEP Juarai Malaysia Technology Expo 2016

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian.
Februari 17, 2016

Number of Participants per Subjects on February 17s, 2016

Number of participants per subjects on February 17s, 2016 Information on the number of participants per subject on February 17s, 2016, can be downloaded below: THP […]
Februari 12, 2016

Course Schedule on Even Semester 2015/2016

Here is the class schedule of Agricultural Technology Faculty on even semester 2015/2016 : THP EVEN 2015 TEP EVEN 2015 TIP EVEN 2015