Januari 23, 2016

Guest Lecture by Prof. Jhy Tong Teng

Prof. Jhy Tong Teng Ph. D. from Mechanical Engineering Chung Yuang Christian University Taiwan gave a guest lecture entitled “History of Technology Relating to Agriculture” for […]
Januari 22, 2016

SMAN I Taman Visits FTP

A total of 101 students from SMAN (State Senior High School) I Taman Sidoarjo visited Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) Brawijaya University on Thursday (21/01/2016). Accompanied […]
Januari 11, 2016

Tanoto Foundation Scholarship

NATIONAL CHAMPION SCHOLARSHIP This program is one of the commitments from Tanoto Foundation founder, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto and Mrs. Tinah Bingei Tanoto, to overcome poverty through […]
Januari 10, 2016

(Indonesian) Filosofi Tukang Kayu dalam Pelepasan Wisuda Januari 2016

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