Juli 3, 2015

The Bacteriophages utilization as the Prevention of Food Poisoning

Foodborne disease or food prevention case is one of disease which is caused by consume food which is already contaminated with pathogenic microbes. The Symptoms include nausea, […]
Juli 1, 2015

Welcome Assessor of Ban-PT

Juni 27, 2015

Break Fasting Together of FTP Big Family 1436 H. / 2015 M.

“Do not ever think about death, because it is purely a matter for God,” it was the message from Sudirman M.Ag in break fasting together with […]
Juni 19, 2015

(Indonesian) Pengumuman Semester Pendek 2015

THE SCEDHULE OF WHOLE SHORT SEMESTER (SP) 2014/2015 No KEGIATAN PELAKSANAAN 1. Taking the Form of Short Semester in Front Office 18 June 2015 – 3 […]