Juni 9, 2015

The Innovation of Mananase Enzyme Paper Industry

In this global era, Indonesia is did many modification in industry development sector, one of them is paper industry. Paper industry is increasing in Indonesia around […]
Juni 8, 2015

Array, Newest Technology for Papaya Packaging

One of the challenges to be faced in marketing agricultural produce local papaya Indonesia is papaya fruit maturation level is relatively high so that the chances […]
Juni 7, 2015

Students of THP Elaborate Enzymes in Oncom and Tempe as Thrombosis Disease Therapy

Five students of UB’s Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) done a research the potential benefits of tempeh oncom and associated with benefits for human health of […]
Juni 5, 2015

Cherry Leaf as Cervical Cancer Drug

Cherry plant (Muntingia calabura L.) which more known by people as cherry tree actually has drug plant potentially. Its leaf contains flavonoid antioxidant type which can […]