Juni 4, 2015

Student of FTP Conjures Waste of Oil to Natural Dyes

Indonesia’s palm oil production in the period of 2013-2014 is increased by 6.65% (Directorate General of Plantation, 2013). A total of 6.2 million tons of CPO […]
Juni 3, 2015

Nano Tuna Fish Bone Gelatin Halal Quality

Gelatin is a protein derived from the hydrolysis of collagen that is naturally abundant in bone or skin of animals such as fish, beef and pork. […]
Juni 2, 2015

SIM (Smart Irrigation Monitoring) Helps Farmers to Determine Irrigation Water

Students from Faculty of Agriculture Technology (FTP), Brawijaya University (UB) created a tool which can determine the amount of optimum water irrigation. Especially to make the […]
Juni 1, 2015

Students of FTP UB Conjuring Banana Peel Waste Becomes Pektin in Industry So Kressh Malang

Students from Faculty of Agricultural technology Brawijaya University (FTP-UB) created technology to handle the problem of banana peel waste which doesn’t have benefit. The hoarding of […]