Mei 29, 2015

Yudishthira 39, Smart and Active Packaging UB Student Work

The high nutrient and water content in chicken meat causes chicken easily covered by spoilage bacteria and pathogens. The condition is utilized by bacteria to grow […]
Mei 29, 2015

Student of FTP Conjures Plastic Bottle Waste to Mosquito Repellent Curtain

Currently we often met many cases of Dengue Fever in society. That case caused by various things such as humid environment condition, less of clean and […]
Mei 28, 2015

FLURAL, Tool for neutralizing Air Pollutants in Space Factory

The development of science and technology (science and technology) led to rapid growth of development, especially in the industrial sector. This development is in addition to […]
Mei 27, 2015

Students of FTP Create Tool of Bhre Tumapel Batik Waste Processor

Five students of Faculty of Agriculture Technology of Brawijaya University created tool of Batik industry textile waste processor used “Platinum Inert Electrolysis Technology and Activated Carbon”. […]