Mei 25, 2015

O-MASK, First Indonesian Nano Mask by FTP Students

Development and growth of the industrial sector growing rapidly in Indonesia, which continues to absorb the workers and factory workers were great. Unfortunately, most of the […]
Mei 22, 2015

Autis, Automatic Watering on Worms Lumbricus rubelus Cultivating

The number baglog (mushroom growing media waste) generated by the oyster mushroom farmers, only 25% are used again. While the rest is still untapped, and only […]
Mei 22, 2015

FTP Student Create Novel Hydropower

Renewable energy continuously developed in various parts of world to replace fossil energy which becomes lost. Start from bio-mass using till inner energy conversion such as […]
Mei 22, 2015

Students of TEP Research the Potential of Ohmic Warming as Nano Juice Maker

Although Indonesia is a country that rich in fruits, but the utilizing of it is still not optimal. Although the data from Statistic Center Body showed […]