Mei 19, 2015

Colloquium Seminar TEP FTP

Agricultural Engineering Student Association (HIMATETA) Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Brawijaya University held colloquium Seminar, Saturday (16/05/2015) in FTP hall second floor. In his speech the leader […]
Mei 18, 2015

ASPACK, Technology of Aseptic Packaging by FTP

Many customers complaints because the product was damaged and the use of heat on packaging sterilization process that is disserve allowing the migration of harmful monomer […]
Mei 17, 2015

ULTRA-SAFE (Ultraviolet Irradiation for Beverage Preservation)

Spirit to apply science for health food innovated the five students of Brawijaya University to create Ultra-Safe. The five students are Ana Fairuza Fairiana (THP FTP […]
Mei 15, 2015

(Indonesian) Mahasiswa FTP Buat dan Pasarkan Helm Lipat Berpendingin Pertama di Dunia

Vehicle is one of transportation medium that is widely used as supporting daily work, especially motorcycles. Based on data from the Head of the State Police […]