Desember 18, 2014

Explanation of Vision-Mission and Job Program of Dean Candidate

The candidates of Dean Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) for period 2015-2019 explained each vision-mission and job program on Explanation of Vision-Mission of Dean Candidate in […]
Desember 15, 2014

Election of the Leader of HIMATETA and HIMALOGISTA 2015

Student Association of Faculty of Agricultural Technology held an election to choose new leader replaced old leadership that will be asked for resignation in the Lobby […]
Desember 14, 2014

Dean Candidates Election

FTP UB is currently in a period of crawl dean candidates. It is as part of a succession of stages in the FTP dean for continuing […]
Desember 11, 2014

Lecturer of FTP UB Reaches the Rich of Prodigious Intellectual Gift in 2014

Lecturer of Agricultural Engineering (TEP) of Faculty of Agriculture Technology Brawijaya University (FTP UB), Dr.Ir.Anang Lastriyanto, M.Si., reached The Rich Prodigious Intellectual Gift in 2014 for […]