Oktober 27, 2019

Food Action by FTP UB Students as a Realization of “Zero Hunger”

Himalogista Great Event (HGE) 14 is an activity held by the FTP UB Agricultural Product Technology Student Association to commemorate World Food Day which consists of […]
Oktober 27, 2019

(Indonesian) Dosen FTP Sulap Legen jadi Permen Jelly di Tuban

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian.
Oktober 26, 2019

Career Development Program “Danone MT STAR”

Management Trainee STAR creates pipeline for Danone Future Leaders by transforming you from a graduate into Danone Manager.  You will be delivering meaningful projects that contribute […]
Oktober 26, 2019

FTP UB Student Art Activity Unit Holds Photography Competition in Brawijaya University

Department of Tustel, UKM UKM students of FTP UB held Online Photography Contest in Brawijaya University. Tustel itself is a department which is a part of […]