Oktober 21, 2019

The Excitement of Open House Event Institute for Student Activities PK2 Maba FTP UB (Rajawali FTPUB) 2019

Open House is one of a series of events at the Faculty level New Student Association (Rajawali FTP UB 2019). The Open House program aims to […]
Oktober 21, 2019

Cleaning Event for Residents of Rampal Celaket RW 4 by KMTL

On October 20, 2019, UB Environmental Engineering Students carried out a mutual cooperation to clean Rampal Celaket RW 4 Kelurahan as a form of concern and […]
Oktober 21, 2019

FTP students won 2nd place in LKTI PRISMA 8 at the Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Brawijaya

Three FTP UB students, Wakhidatul Fitriyah, Anis Nur Azizah and Adi Rahmanto Wibowo succeeded in winning the PRISMA 8. Scientific Writing competition. PRISMA 8 itself is […]
Oktober 20, 2019

(Indonesian) Dosen TIP Bina UKM Bawang Hitam

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