Agustus 29, 2019

Together with HIMATETA and ABC, BEM FTP Held CUTEFORIA Activities in Muslimat Kindergarten NU 29 Malang

Wednesday (8/28) BEM FTP 2019 held a Cuteforia activity from the Ministry of Social and Community Environment BEM FTP 2019. Cuteforia is a teaching and learning […]
Agustus 28, 2019

Coming soon! Himatitan Professional Training 2019

This year the Agricultural Industry Technology Student Association (Himatitan) is holding Professional Training. The training offered this time is ISO 22000 Training, FSSC 22000 and Halal […]
Agustus 27, 2019

Good Luck to All FTP Contingents in PIMNAS 2019

National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) is the most prestigious competition for all students in the archipelago. This activity was organized by the Ministry of Research and […]
Agustus 25, 2019

HIMALOGISTA Holds Field Study Activities (STULA) to Sharpen Student Knowledge on Industrial Issues

Science and technology are now increasingly having many positive impacts on all lines of life, especially on industry and education. The more advanced the technology used, […]