Agustus 19, 2019

Open Tender Foodcourt Mart ABC

The long awaited news has finally arrived! For you FTP students who want to expand their business, especially in the field of food and beverages, ABC […]
Agustus 18, 2019

(Indonesian) Peringati HUT RI, FTP Ajak Mahasiswa Asing Olah Jeruk

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian.
Agustus 18, 2019

Internal Field Study (STULAIN) New Students of Agricultural Product Technology 2019

Sunday, August 18, 2019, the second day of the Introduction to the THP Department 2019 was held, namely the Internal Field Study (STULAIN). This activity took […]
Agustus 17, 2019

Let’s Support the TIP Lecturer Who Brings the Name of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology in the ASEAN-US Science Prize For Woman 2019

ASEAN-US SCIENCE PRIZE FOR WOMAN 2019 is a funding competition for prestigious research activities organized by the United States government through the U.S. Agency for International […]