BUAS, Unique Pen Anti Stress

Mei 29, 2015
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Mei 29, 2015

BUAS, Unique Pen Anti Stress


Stress can happen to everyone, everywhere and every time. Stress usually affects those who have complicated conflict, fatigue, or emotional pressure. Based on data, the level of emotional disturbance originated from prolonged stress in urban areas reached 9%, while the level of stress in rural areas amounted to 7%. Stress has a negative impact on health, among others, the impact of cognitive, emotional, and physiology. Cognitive effects such as difficulty concentrating, difficulty remembering the material and it is difficult to understand the material. The emotional impact of, among others, difficult to motivate themselves, there are the feelings of anxiety, frustration, and other negative effects. While to the physiological impact that health problems such as frequent headaches, weakness and insomnia.

To solve this stress problem, five students from Faculty of Agricultural Technology innovated multi functions pen product called “BUAS” Unique Pen Anti Stress. The Five students are Dirayati Hanifa (THP 2012), Alifa Rahma Safitri (THP 2012), Pinta Rahma (THP 2013), Dodik Budianto (THP 2013) and Riki Dakusta (TIP 2013) under guidance of Novita Wijayanti, STP. MP. created the BUAS through Student Creativity – Entrepreneur sector (PKM-K) 2015. Explained by Dodik, “we use pen as the product because pen is a tool that is frequently encountered and needed by students and office workers who might experience stress. When we see a ballpoint pen products generally are currently only serves simple as writing instruments only. Moreover, not infrequently there are products that even ballpoint pen has a pretty bad side effects of ink or the addition of other compounds, “he explained.

BUAS (Ballpoint Anti Stress) is innovation pen with multi double function as a pen once the perfume aroma therapy designed with two different sides. The scent of perfume offered at this BUAS includes papermint and menthol aroma. For papermint aroma compound contains 1.8 sineol which can affect the nervous system by increasing the performance of the brain waves but it gives a relaxing effect. And menthol compound has function reduces sleepiness, increases the supply of oxygen in the blood, prevent nausea, relax the muscles, reduce fatigue and provide a fresh effect to the body. Pen frame has unique designs and packaging can add value to the product. Pen is designed in the form of various kinds of rare animals typical animated several regions in Indonesia such as cucak ijo, tapir, komodo, rhinoceros and others. It makes attraction for the students and office workers. In addition the use of this unique packaging design is an effort to help the government in the campaign for the preservation of endangered animals in Indonesia. Another advantage of this product is, in the ease of rechargeable aromatherapy. Stuffing aroma therapy can also be replaced with the consumer’s own perfume. It’s only twenty-five rupiah, BUAS is an efficient alternative aromatherapy pen. Instead buy the aromatherapy, container and also pens are more expensive and take up more space, enough with just one fruit BUAS can meet all these needs.

If we see in existing competitors, BUAS is an excellent product that can compete in the market. Evident from 100 pieces total production has been done in one month, has been sold 75 pieces a ballpoint pen with a range of marketing reach Bandung, Kediri and also Tangerang. “For our marketing strategy we are using a variety of offline and online techniques. For offline techniques we have done marketing with consignment at craft stores Malang. In addition we also market BUAS products online through various social media “said Dodik. To get products BUAS can contact us via BBM 76244ECA, twitter @bolpoinbuas, facebook Bolpoin Buas, Instagram @bolpoinbuas atau WhatsApp 08732230591. (dse/translated by Uswatun Hasanah)

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