Break Fasting Together of FTP Big Family 1436 H. / 2015 M.

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Juni 19, 2015
Welcome Assessor of Ban-PT
Juli 1, 2015

Break Fasting Together of FTP Big Family 1436 H. / 2015 M.


“Do not ever think about death, because it is purely a matter for God,” it was the message from Sudirman M.Ag in break fasting together with big family from Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) UB, Thursday (06/25/2015) at the Hall FTP second floor.

Drs. Sudirman also stressed to always charitable pious and do good things because we don’t know when our death. “While there is age, do not delay to do good things. Especially, in this Ramadan month, god promised to multiply all sorts of goodness in Ramadan. For example, charitable of people who was fasting in Ramadan is equivalent reward to charity in the way of Allah (fiisabilillah). Moreover, then joined with six days of fasting in the month of Shawwal. According to the hadist narrated by Muslim, whoever fasts Ramadan then fast six days in Shawwal, then like he is fasting for a full year. Because we do not know when the time comes, then never stop pious and do good deeds. Even angels just do not know, because actually it is the prerogative of the death of Allah SWT. It is our duty as His people to take advantage of our age in the world this short, “he explained.

Previously the Dean, Dr. Ir. Setyo Sudarminto Yuwono, M.App.Sc., in his speech when opening the event said that the purpose of this activity as a venue for large family friendship between FTP and the means to obtain God’s blessing and expand spiritual cleansing to strengthen faith and devotion.

This break fasting activity is a FTP routine agenda to fill Ramadhan month. The break fasting event this time was attended by approximately 150 representatives from students, faculty and staff and their families. (dse/translated by Uswatun Hasanah)

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