Breakfasting Together with Zainal Arifin Chaplain

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Juli 3, 2015
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Juli 8, 2015

Breakfasting Together with Zainal Arifin Chaplain

zainal arifinTook place in Hall of Faculty of Agriculture Technology on 2nd floor on Thursday (2/7/2015),Zainal Arifin Chaplain gave religious speech about the thing can break the fast and breakfasting together with FTP’s big family.

“How lucky we all were given the opportunity fasting month of Ramadan. In the essence of fasting is to refrain from all that break the fast, from dawn to sunset. Now lest we become the losers. Already struggling with hunger and thirst all day, was reduced or even fall of reward, “said Ustadz in the presence of 250 academicians FTP. He added, things that lead to reduced or loss of rewards of fasting was actually very plural occurs in daily life and sometimes we do not realize it.

Zainal Arifin explained, the first thing invalidate the fast is tell a lie. “There are lots of little lies are sometimes common people. Though its name lie so still lie. No it was a lie big or small lie, everything is tantamount to reduce or even eliminate the reward of fasting, “he said. The second is gossip or talk about others. “That is very exciting normally, as an expression of gossip, getting rubbed more sip. Sometimes even to forget the time when it started to talk about other people. Hearts careful, lest we become the losers, let’s make it a habit to always speak the truth and beneficial. Let us not lose the moment Ramadan only because such actions, “he said again.

Further Zainal Chaplain explained also other things that are also able to reduce or eliminate the reward of fasting. Among them are giving false testimony, saying that no such ethical profanity, invective / greeting dirty, arguing or fighting / shouting match, inciting and envy and sensual in non mahram. (dse/Translated by Ratri)


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