FTP tubers and rhizomes Coe Enliven Jamu Indonesia Expo 2023

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September 12, 2023
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FTP tubers and rhizomes Coe Enliven Jamu Indonesia Expo 2023

Center of Excellence tuber and Rhizome Faculty of Food Technology (FTP) Universitas Brawijaya took an important role in the National Seminar and Expo Jamu East Java 2023 organized by the Indonesian Herbal Medicine Council. Prof. Dr. Ir. Elok Zubaidah, MP. as the head of center of Excellence of tuber and Rhizome FTP UB as well as FTP representative became one of the keynote speakers in this national seminar with other expert speakers in the field of herbal medicine, namely-Chairman of the Indonesian Herbal Medicine Council, Maj.) dr Daniel Tjen SpN, – Prof. Mikio Nishizawa, researcher of natural products Ritsumeikan University, – Prof. Dr.H. Achmad Syahrani, Apt, MS, Airlangga University – and CEO of Rumah Atsiri, Mr. Paulus Mintarga.

In the herbal medicine Expo 2023, FTP launched a number of excellent products that explore the potential of local rhizome materials. The exhibition, held in the auditorium of the Faculty of Economics and Business Post-Graduate University of Brawijaya is a forum for researchers, practitioners, academics, and herbal medicine industry players to share the latest innovations in the development of herbal products and health supplements based on rhizomes.

At the herbal medicine Expo 2023, FTP UB as the center of Excellence (CoE) of tubers and rhizomes introduced various products that encourage creative utilization of rhizomes. Some of the excellent products launched in this event include Kombucha Rhizome developed by Prof. Dr. Ir. Elok Zubaidah, MP. This probiotic drink is made from fermented kombucha with the addition of various types of rhizomes such as turmeric, kencur, ginger, etc. Kombucha rhizomes are not only refreshing but also provide tremendous health benefits. The superior product of CoE FTP UB related to other rhizomes is Proherbaric which is a supplement from a mixture of moringa, Pandan wangi and red ginger formula developed by Prof. Dr. Ir. My Three-Year-Old Son, M.Case. Dewanti also featured a variety of other rhizome-based products such as moringa Pandan functional drink powder scented with red ginger which has been shown to have inflammatory effects. Prof. Dr. Princess of Wales, STP., MP. as one of FTP researchers who develop rhizome-based products also featuring Cookies and jelly ginger pulp developed with SMEs fostered. This product innovation proves that the side effects of herbal medicine products can still be used as food products that not only have superior taste but also have a positive effect on the body. In addition to the superior rhizome-based products, CoE FTP also features Vacuum Drying machines, liquid/paste drying machines, or low-temperature DG solids developed by Dr.Ir the wife, M.Si. The development of this technology is a step to support the traditional herbal medicine industry so as to facilitate the production of herbal medicine on a large scale.

This exhibition is not only an opportunity to introduce innovative products, but also to share knowledge and cooperation with herbal medicine industry stakeholders. Visitors can take part in seminars, workshops, and panel discussions held at the herbal medicine Expo 2023 to gain an in-depth insight into the benefits of natural ingredients such as rhizomes and tubers in the world of Health and fitness.

With the launch of these excellent products, FTP’s center of Excellence (CoE) tuber and Rhizome has confirmed its position as a leader in rhizome-based food product innovation. The presence of COE FTP in herbal medicine Expo 2023 can provide inspiration for the herbal medicine industry and open the door for more research and sustainable development in utilizing the potential of nature for health.

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