Cherry Leaf as Cervical Cancer Drug

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Juni 4, 2015
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Cherry Leaf as Cervical Cancer Drug

Serbuk daun kersenCherry plant (Muntingia calabura L.) which more known by people as cherry tree actually has drug plant potentially. Its leaf contains flavonoid antioxidant type which can hamper cervical cancer cell.

Five students of Brawijaya University Nur Fikarani (THP 2011), Ratih Anggraini (THP 2011), Fitri Purnamasari (THP 2011), Ivanema (THP 2012) and Maya Puspito Ningrum (THP 2013) under supervise by Dr.Erryana Martati STP, MP and Nur Ida Panca N, STP, MP do a research to compounds contained in cherry leaf. They combined modern extraction method used micro wave more efficiently in extracting bioactive compound.

The extraction used micro wave has advantages, those are short extraction time and low extraction temperature so it result extract which can be defended its bioactive compound.

“Extract using micro wave just need minutes, while if using other extracting method it spends longer time, besides that the heat that is resulted by micro wave is low enough so the bioactive compound of cherry leaf can be defended” Indah explained as the leader of research team.

They extract with various times and solvent ratios, according to their research, optimal result got from 12 minutes extraction time with 2 grams material in 90 ml akuades solvent with 80 watt.

“We deliberate choose akuades solvent, besides it is save to be consumed this solvent also match if used in micro wave extraction method. And this micro wave extraction also can be implemented by general public because the simple extraction process only use oven micro wave” She said.


JpegThe extraction result then tested in cervical cancer cell that usually called Hela Cell in in vitro and it proved that cherry extract of micro wave can hampers the growth of cervical cancer cell. But thus research is still beginning research and it needs further research so the effect and potency of micro wave cherry leaf extract can be known in hamper

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