“Dharma Wanita” of FTP Celebrates UB Anniversary with Social Services

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Desember 26, 2014
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“Dharma Wanita” of FTP Celebrates UB Anniversary with Social Services

IMG_0272Dharma Wanita” Association of Faculty of Agricultural Technology of Brawijaya University (FTP UB DWP) with the big family of FTP held an social charity to visit a boarding school Al-Azmunnuriyyah of Belung Poncokusumo in Malang District on Tuesday (12/30/2014). The activity which is carried out in a series of 52th anniversary celebration of UB was


led by one of the vi
ce chairman of DWP FTP Ny. Dra. Yayuk Sri Rahayu with the ranks of the DWP officials and the representatives of FTP’s big family. .

In his speech, FTP DWP officials also the Head of FTP Student Affairs sub section, Dra. Retno Yuniarni Daryanti explained “It is the commitment of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology to always share love with others. Especially in the celebration of this anniversary, UB wants to share the joy with all levels of society in Malang. Hopefully it can be useful for the students at this boarding school, “he explained.

Meanwhile, the head of Al-Azmunnuriyah boarding school, Mr. Fatchan accompanied by Ms. Nur Suchachin boarding school officials expressed appreciation and gratitude to the visit of DPW FTP. “We together with the caretakers and administrators and teachers in boarding school convey our gratitude and our thanks to mothers who had the pleasure UB present far away here. Because of all this is very rarely to helping us here. Average of the students here are freed stationery and so on. In addition we also find donors for them to the needs of school fees and so on. Incidentally the day after tomorrow muslim boarding school will held Maulut nabi MUHAMMAD SAW, so the mother’s of Dharma Wanita help will directly channeled and hopefully more blessed by ALLAH SWT. ”

Through this social charity, the group consisting of 12 mothers of DWP FTP UB donated food packages, stationery and cash to boarding school board. In addition, the DPW FTP UB group also invites the students to have lunch together with healthy food full of nutrition created by FTP. Al-Azmunnuriyyah boarding school located in Belung Poncokusumo village of Malang Regency itself was founded in 1978 with approximately 120 students of various ages with 19 numbers of caregivers and teachers. (dse/Translated by Adhitya Dwi Prawira)


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