Open Donation Himateta Special Dedication 2019

ABC FTP Will Hold a Young Entrepreneur NAFTEX Seminar entitled “Create Innovation to Get Opportunity in The Era of Disruption”
September 8, 2019
FTP Holds an Entrepreneurship Guest Lecture entitled “The Role of Entrepreneurship in Facing Global Challenges”
September 9, 2019

Open Donation Himateta Special Dedication 2019

HIMATETA Special Dedication 2019 which will be held in Sukopuro Village, Kec. Jabung, Kab. Poor. For this reason, HIMATETA holds an Open Donation for this activity and we accept donations in the form of:

Textbooks, children’s reading books and books about Agricultural Technology
This open donation lasts until October 4, 2019
Distribution of donations can be through:

Misbahul Dawam (081228444764)
Rizka Amalia Safitri (089685484752)
UB HIMATETA Secretariat in Building D, 2nd floor, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya
Transfer through BRI Bank: 0032-01-053377-50-6 a.n. Misbahul Dawam

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