Earth Love: Environmental Social Action “Planting Mangrove Seeds to Prevent Abrasion Beach on Tamban Beach”

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April 12, 2019
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April 13, 2019

Earth Love: Environmental Social Action “Planting Mangrove Seeds to Prevent Abrasion Beach on Tamban Beach”

BEM FTP with Tamban Beach People

The Social and Environmental Ministry of the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology Universitas Brawijaya has conducted community service activities in Tambakrejo Subdistrict, Malang Regency, East Java Province on Saturday (6/4/2019). This service activity was named the Earth Love program. Earth Love is a form of social and environmental action attended by all members of BEM FTP 2019 for environmental preservation and balance by planting mangroves around the coast and cleaning up garbage in the coastal area. This year the Earth Love event carries the theme “Save Our Future, With Our Tress”. This activity begins with the awareness of students to help realize one of the world work programs (SDGs), namely maintaining ecosystems on land, especially coastal abrasion. In this event, material was also presented about the introduction of Mangrove trees, how to preserve Mangrove trees, the benefits of Mangrove trees, and continued with the action of planting Mangrove seedlings. BEM FTP UB 2019 in collaboration with Karang Taruna Bina Karya Sembada chaired by Pak Edi and Pak Slamet. Karang Taruna Bina Karya Sembada was established one year ago. The existence of Karang Taruna is based on the awareness of the people of Pantai Tamban who need a method to prevent coastal abrasion.

Planting Mangrove Seeds

The selection of places in Tamban Beach, Tambakrejo Village begins with the restlessness of the residents of Tambakrejo Village to prevent abrasion which can occur at any time at the Beach. In addition, the geographical condition of Tamban Beach which has large waves and is close to the residential area, requires planting trees to prevent coastal abrasion which can endanger the residents around the Tamban Beach settlement, Tambakrejo. FTP BEM members also participated in cleaning up the rubbish on the beach so that the beach looks clean and beautiful to the eye. This positive activity is also supported by FTP academics and residents of Tambakrejo village. The work program of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Environment of BEM FTP 2019 is expected to be able to initiate the level of awareness of students to take care of environmental and ecosystem sustainability. (ER)

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