ENCHIS, Simple name with Big Advantage

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Mei 25, 2015
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ENCHIS, Simple name with Big Advantage

enchis depanWhat do you do if you have second gallon of water? Maybe most of you will throw it or maybe sell it to junkman. Do not want to think mainstream, five students of Faculty of Agricultural Technology of Brawijaya University who joined in Student Creativity Program of Technology Implementation (PKM-T) Team exactly used second gallon of water to advantaged agricultural tool. “This tool is in form of fertilizer applicator based on gravitation which is portable and multi-fiction. We named ENCHIS (Enricher Portable Applications),” Intan Avionita (TEP 2013) said who the leader of team is. Other four members are Adi Mas Sulthon (TEP 2011), Sri Mursidah (TIP 2013), Zunaik Mufidah (TEP 2011) and Sujatmiko (TEP 2011).

aplikasi pupuk cair pada jagungDesigned ENCHIS has 2 main part, those are fertilizer tank and rod applicators. They used second gallon as fertilizer tank, while they made rod applicator from PVC ¾ dim pipe. The work principal of ENCHIS is when rod applicator trigger pulled, then spring will be tightened and caused valve door will be opened so fertilizer can out. Then if the trigger is released then the strings will be like normal condition and caused closed valve so the fertilizer will be stopped.

sosialisasi 1Even though it is simple, ENCHIS has many advantages. For the first, ENCHIS can be used as granule fertilizer applicator and also liquid fertilizer. For the second, the mount of out fertilizer can be controlled according to plant needs. For the third, ENCHIS also ergonomic because the fertilizer tank made like backpack and it is enough to pull the trigger to pull out the fertilizer. For the fourth, because it more ergonomic then the capacity which is brought also decreased for about 10 kilograms,” Adi said.

In order to capable to be implemented by the farmer, they made 12 tools and shared it freely to Pangestu Farmer group in Pandanrejo Kotatif Village, Batu on Friday (23/05/2015). In the same time, the farmers directly tried to implement ENCHIS in corn and strawberry field. “With the existence of its tool, we feel so helped. Usually to fertilize corn and strawberry field with ¼ hectare area it needs 3 days with 3 to 5 workers, the waist feel broken because they need so often to bend. But after use this tool, the process of fertilizing become easy and fast. It also means saving labor cost,” Warman Tirmidzi said, the leader of Pangestu Farmer Group. (dse/translated by Ratri)

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