Fadiah Nirmala Gets FTP First Gold Medal In Brawijaya Olympiad 2014

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September 23, 2014
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September 25, 2014

Fadiah Nirmala Gets FTP First Gold Medal In Brawijaya Olympiad 2014


The student from Agriculture Engineering Department, Faculty of Agriculture Technology (FTP) 2013, Fadiah Nirmala got a gold medal as her achievement to be the winner of storytelling contest in Brawijaya Olympiad 2014. The final contest held on 1st floor Rektorat Building, Tuesday (09/23/2014).

Story telling contest have 2 phases, elimination and final phases. All contestants have commanded to choose 2 different topic stories which are going to show off on elimination and final phases. Lala (Fadiah Nirmala) used to through the final phases because of her story about the experience of Human child which is come in to the empty house recklessly.

In finals, Lala told a story about a student who looked for inspiration in order to join story telling contest and finally met a ghost in Human being form. Surprisingly, that ghost helped her by giving an inspiration until that student wins the contest. That story has brought amazingly and energetic succeed to make the grand juries from FORMASI UB till Lala has declared to be the best performance and deserved to achieve a gold medal. Criteria of storytelling contest are manner (including pronunciation, intonation, expression, eye contact, body language and gesture), method (organization of the story), and the content (plot and answering question). (dse/translated by Vicky)

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