FAT UB Integrated Laboratory

FAT UB Integrated Laboratory


Integrated Laboratory of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya Malang, is a laboratory service facility for integrated education, research, and community service programs.

Functions and Roles

To become an integrated laboratory with international standard in serving testing, research, and community service to support superior research activities of the FTP UB Integrated Laboratory.

FTP UB Integrated Laboratory serves Testing and Analysis of Samples from students/lecturers/researchers from within FTP UB and from outside FTP UB.

Equipment and Facilities

Equipment :

  • UV-Vis

An analytical instrument used to measure the absorbance power of a liquid that has a chromophore group to a certain wavelength of light.

  • GCMS

This instrument is used for the process of analyzing volatile organic chemical compounds through two tools that are combined into one (GC tandem MSD). Samples containing volatile compounds were injected into the GC system and then the separation process was carried out in the column based on the nature of the polarity. After being eluted from the GC system, each compound that has been separated will enter the MS system to then be fragmented with a certain ionization energy.

  • HPLC

This instrument is used to separate molecules of components that are soluble in a carrier solution and are heat sensitive in a solution, such as vitamins, antibiotics, drug active ingredients, small amounts of drug or food additives, proteins, various types of sugars, waste components, and etc.

  • Spray Dryer

A device used to produce dry powder from a liquid by drying it quickly with hot gas. Spray dryer uses a liquid flow, in this operation, there is a separation between the solvent or suspension as a solid and the solvent into a vapor.

FTP UB Integrated Laboratory as a research and service laboratory has several facilities for these activities, namely:

  • Research Laboratory Room
  • Testing/Analysis Laboratory
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