Bioindustry Laboratory

Bioindustry Laboratory


The bioindustry laboratory is part of the supporting laboratory in teaching and learning activities at the Department of Agricultural Industrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya. The Bioindustry Laboratory was established in 1998 after issuing the Director General of Higher Education Decree of the Ministry of Education and Culture Number: 103/DIKTI/Kep/1998. This rule is given concerning the establishment of the Agricultural Industrial Technology Study Program, where there are 2 (two) study interests formed, namely technology and management interests. This laboratory is focusing on the development and application of bioprocess engineering and biotechnology for sustainable agroindustry. To support the application of sustainable agroindustry, the research area consists not only of bioprocess transformation, but also related to waste technology and waste management, to address environmental issues.

Vision of Bioindustry Laboratory

To become a center for education, research, and community service in agro-industry science and technology, especially bio-industry, with an entrepreneurial perspective.

Mission of Bioindustry Laboratory

Assist departments in implementing education, research, community service, and disseminating agro-industrial science and technology, especially bio-industry.

Role and Function:

  1. Facilitate practical class of related courses, such as Biology, Industrial Microbiology,
    Waste Technology and Management, and Bioprocess Engineering
  2. Facilitate the research of students and faculty member
  3. Facilitate the community services related to application of bio-based and waste

Equipment and Facilities

To support the activities in the laboratory, some of these facilities include the following:

  1. 3 laboratory rooms
  2. Several laboratory equipments, such as :
    o Microscope
    o Autoclave
    o COD meter
    o DO meter
    o pH meter
    o Fermentor
    o Spektrofotometer UV-VIS
    o Oven
    o Orbital Shaker
    o Rotary Evaporator
    o Hotplate stearer
    o Incubator
    o Waterbath
    o Laminar Airflow
    o Fume Hood
    o Freezer
    o Analitical Balance
    o Sieve Shaker
    o Vortex
    o Desiccator
    o Micropipet
    o Glasswares
    o Etc
  3. Supporting equipments, such as :
    o Tables
    o Chairs
    o Locker
    o Glass cabinet
    o Metal cabinet
    o Wood cabinet
    o Sink
    o etc

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