Agricultural Machinery and Power Laboratory

Agricultural Machinery and Power Laboratory

Agricultural Power and Machinery Laboratory (Lab. DMP) was officially established in 1998 along with the establishment of the Agricultural Engineering Study Program. As an Education laboratory, the Lab. DMP provides services that support the tri dharma of higher education (teaching, research, and education).
community dedication). Laboratory members are active in conducting research either through independent schemes or grants. There are three general topics of research coverage developed by laboratory members, namely:

  1. Design and build agricultural tools and machines
  2. Utilization and development of bio-based materials
  3. Renewable energy

In supporting the pillar of community service, Lab.MDP once a year does community service as a means of transferring knowledge and technology. Services in teaching activities include practicum activities as well as test and analysis services for research by the academic community inside and outside FTP. Practical activities that are supported by the Power Laboratory include:

  1. Practical Drawing Techniques
  2. Mechanical and Soil Dynamics Practicum
  3. Material Strength Practicum
  4. Power Practicum in Agriculture
  5. Practicum of Agricultural Cultivation Tools and Machinery
  6. Agricultural and Biosystem Science Practicum
  7. Engineering Mechanics
  8. Structural Mechanics

In supporting the pillars of the tri dharma, Lab. DMP always strives to complete research, practicum, and community service facilities. Equipment and facilities in the power laboratory and agricultural machinery are equipment related to mechanization agriculture. Among them are: 4-wheel tractor, 2-wheel tractor, Transplanter, Universal testing machine (UTM), 3D printer, 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine simulation, Seed table, various kinds of plows as tractor implements, Ovens, Digital scales, Bomb calorimeter, equipment computer, tachometer, torque meter, ph-meter data-taker, brazilian test, force gauge (penetrometer) and there are still other equipment and tools. This year, the Laboratory of Power and Agricultural Machinery contributed to many community service activities led or chaired by lecturers as members of the laboratory. In addition, to improve the quality and fulfill the infrastructure for practicum activities, the power laboratory and agricultural machinery are also cooperating with companies or agencies that can add networks and empower students after graduation. The collaborations that have been established so far are: Balittas, BMKG, BLK Wonojati Singosari, STPP Lawang, Sygenta, and many more.

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