Food Production and Training Centre (FPTC)

Food Production and Training Centre (FPTC)


FPTC is a center for food production and training programs including bakery production (bread, cake, noodle, cookies, etc) and functional food production. The production of bakery products and functional foods is intended for the public. Training programs can be performed for introducing and enhancing student’s skill in making food products especially bakery and functional food. FPTC is also provide training program to public who interested in bakery and functional food production.

Functions and Roles

FPTC aims to improve the technical skills of students from Brawijaya University and other University. The training is also intended for industries mainly small medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as the general public. This training consists of:

  1. Bakery product, covering various kind of bread (sweet bread, soft bun, high-fiber bread, pumpkin bread, local-based commodities bread), as well as various kind of cakes, cookies, crackers, pizza, noodle from local-based commodities.
  2. Training for industry, including determination of the shelf life of food products, HACCP, ISO, GMP, sensory testing, microbiology, and other experts and master trainer field.
  3. Appropriate technology including functional ice cream processing, vegetable nuggets, various flavours of soy milk, fermented food products, VCO, jelly drink, instant grass jelly powder, etc.

Laboratory Equipment and Facilities

FPTC has laboratory equipment for the production of bakery products including ovens, proofers, mixers, hand mixers, exhauster, scales, refrigerators, freezer, small equipment for bakeries, bread cutting machines / slicers, noodle and pasta making machines, sealers. In addition, FPTC also provides a room to enjoy the dishes or fresh product, and facilities for training.

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