Laboratory of Sensory and Applied Food Science

Laboratory of Sensory and Applied Food Science


The sensory and applied food science laboratory is one of the laboratories in Faculty of Agricultural Technology Universitas Brawijaya. This laboratory was established independently in 2016, as it was previously part of the Food and Agricultural Product Engineering Laboratory. The development of this laboratory is implemented to fulfil market needs, especially the food industry and the latest food science development trends. Sensory science transforms progressively with a more active role and appreciation from the industry. As food industry is market-oriented and driven by consumer satisfaction, sensory and applied food science are the game changer. The development of this laboratory is expected to be able to improve the competency and academic quality of Food Science and Biotechnology graduates, particularly those related to the competence of sensory and applied food sciences.


To become a leading center for the development of science and technology in the field of sensory and applied food science in order to support the food industry and agricultural products in the global market.


  1. To produce scientific works in sensory and applied food science that benefit industry and society
  2. To improve the quality of research results in the field of sensory and applied food science


  1. To conduct research to develop science and technology in the field of applied food and sensory science which covers aspects of food quality, consumer behaviour, management, marketing, psychology, and culinology.
  2. To develop the fields of sensory neuroscience and molecular gastronomy relevant to the development of relevant food products, agricultural products, and non-food products
  3. To develop proper research facilities in order to achieve an international standardized laboratory.
  4. Enhance and broaden analytical services in the sensory and applied food fields




  1. (We are here to serve You)
  2. (Your satisfaction is Our concern)
  3. (We serve You with Our heart)


  1. Starting with a smile, greeting, greeting
  2. Identification (ID card) must be worn.
  3. Be polite to service users.
  4. Humble and friendly to service users.
  5. It is not allowed to provide services while smoking or while communicating with cell phones or other means of communication.


Head of Laboratory: Kiki Fibrianto, STP, M. Phil, Ph.D
Head Assistant: Eka Shinta Wulandari, STP, MP
Technical intern: Igoy Arya Bimo, S.Biotek

1. Wenny Bekti Sunarharum, STP, M.Food.St, Ph.D
2. Indria Purwantiningrum, STP, M.Si


This laboratory has been developed following the ISO 8589:2007 (en) by providing the relevant facilities such as discussion room, main test room, kitchen and supporting computer room for data analysis. The positive pressure and fully air conditioning are maintained in main test room where 12 sensory booth are located and well installed with 3 different colour lighting to for masking visual appearance of food samples. The kitchen is also well equipped with basic kitchen equipment, coffee machine, as well as coffee and tea manual brew equipment. Special lab coat specifically for working within sensory and applied food science lab facilities is regularly sent for laundry to provide clean lab coat for users. Basic personal protective equipment such as gloves and hairnet are also provided to all users.

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