Food Quality and Safety Testing Laboratory

Food Quality and Safety Testing Laboratory


Food Quality and Safety Testing Laboratory is a unit under the Department of Food Science and Biotechnology. It is a laboratory that provides testing services for food products and agricultural products for research purposes as well as for the general public and industry, including physical, chemical, and microbiological analysis. This laboratory also provides consulting services to the public and industry related to problems in the production process or the quality of food products.


  1. To become an independent and reliable laboratory in service and quality testing and
  2. Food safety and agricultural products


  1. Become a means of service to students, the academic community and the community in testing quality, food safety and agricultural products
  2. Provide in the fields of nutrition, chemical, physical and microbiological materials and agricultural products Destination
  3. Providing food and agricultural product analysis services that can support research and community service activities from the academic community
  4. Providing training services for the development of food products and products agriculture
  5. Cooperating with various parties in developing the quality and safety of food products and agricultural products

Sample Testing Service

Sample testing service at the Food Quality and Safety Testing Laboratory of FTP UB is regulated in the Rector’s Regulation no. 35 of 2021 concerning Tariffs for Public Services, where the Rector’s Regulation is a renewal of the previous Rector’s Regulation, namely UB Rector’s Regulation No. 42 of 2015 concerning Tariffs for Quality Testing Laboratory Services for THP Department at FTP.

As for sample testing services at the Food Quality and Safety Testing Laboratory
FTP UB include:

  • Physical analysis
    includes analysis of viscosity, color, texture, fracture strength, elasticity, and total dissolved solids.
  • Chemical analysis
    includes analysis of Proximate, Starch, Crude Fiber, Total Sugar, Reducing Sugar, Vitamin C, Total Acid, Anthocyanin, Antioxidant IC50, Amylose, Acid Number, Peroxide Number, FFA, Mineral Content (Ca, K, Na, and Li), total carotenoids, salt, pH, and water activity (Aw)
  • Microbiological analysis
    includes analysis of total plate count (TPC), total lactic acid bacteria (LAB), E. Coli, Salmonella, S. Aureus, and Coliform.

Consulting Service

Consulting services provided to overcome problems that occur in the production process or quality of food and agricultural products for household scale businesses, small and medium enterprises, and large industries.

As of 2022

  1. Physical analysis
  2. Chemical analysis
  3. Microbiological analysis


NoNama AlatMerk/TypeJumlahSatuan
1Analytical BalancePrecisa – XB 120A1Unit
2Analytical BalanceOHAUSS PA641Unit
3Analytical Balance /portableAND EK-300i1Unit
4Aw meterTESTO 6501Unit
5CentrifugeLW Scientific 3G Select1Unit
6Condensor RefluxLokal1Unit
7Compact Digital Mini RotatorThermo Scientific1Unit
8Destruksi KjedahlBehr Inkjel 625M/1Unit
9Digital buretteJencons1Pc
10Distillation UnitBUCHI - K3551Unit
11Distillation UnitVELP1Unit
12Distilation (Aquades)GFL1Unit
14Fumehood (Lemari Asam)Lokal2Units
15Hand Refractometers (Range : 28-62% brix)ATAGO1Pc
16Hand Refractometers (Range : 58-90% brix)ATAGO1Pc
17Hot Plate StirrerDaihan Lab Tech2Pcs
18HomogenizerIKA S18 N - 19G1Unit
19Muffle FurnaceDaihan Lab Tech1Unit
20Oven ListrikBinder1Unit
21Oven ListrikredLine- Binder2Unit
22pH meterEZ DO - PL 6001Unit
23Pompa VacuumHUMM.Vac1Unit
24Shaker waterbath WNE 14Memmert1Unit
25Showcase CollerGEA1Unit
26Sokhlet UnitRocker1Unit
27Spectrophotometer UV visSHIMADZU UV-vis 12801Unit
28VortexGSA MX-S1Pc

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