Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory

Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory

1. Laboratory Description

As an effort to develop bioprocess engineering science, the Department of Agricultural Engineering Universitas Brawijaya manages a Bioprocess Laboratory. The laboratory is expected to be a facility for optimizing the utilization of biomass or bio-waste, and microalgae in the fields of food, fuel, nutrition and pharmaceuticals.


To become excellent educational and research laboratory in the field of bioprocess engineering and actively support advancement of bioprocessing through basic and applied research, as well as industrial bioprocess valorisation.


  1. Conducting laboratory activities to support educational activities for undergraduate, master, and doctoral degree programs especially in bioprocess engineering studies.
  2. Supporting the basic and applied bioprocessing research as well as industrial bioprocess valorisation, for food, feed, fuels, energy, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals, with focus on the conversion of biowaste and microalgae.
  3. Implementing bioprocessing research output for communities and industries, in line with laboratory roadmap for short, mid, and long-terms activities.

2. Function and roles of the laboratory

The functions and roles of the laboratory are contained in the roadmap and research targets as

The roadmap of Laboratory of Bioprocess Engineering as part of Bioprocess Engineering Study Programme to support educational, research and community service activities. The roadmap is developed to achieve short term (2016-2020), mid-term (2021-2025) and long term (2026-2030) goals. In education, the goal is to become academic laboratory and to serve as the place for practical and research activities for undergraduate, master, and doctoral degree students in Universitas Brawijaya, East Java region and Indonesia. In research, the goal is achieved through three development phases, started with strengthening the understanding of basic phenomena especially in the bioproduction and bioconversion of microalgae and biowaste; followed by strengthening the novel methods of bioconversion; and finally produce the highly and commercially valuable bioproducts. In community service, based on educational and research activities, would strengthen the dissemination and knowledge transfer to support communities in local, regional, national and international scales.

3. Peralatan dan Fasilitas Laboratorium

a. Main Instrument

  • Fermentor Bioflo 120 (Eppendorf, Germany)
  • COD Analyzer (Hach, Japan)
  • BOD Analyzer (Velp Scientifica, Italy)
  • Laboratory Incubator (Memmert IN 110, Germany)
  • Vortex Mixer (Heidolph Reax Top 541100000, Germany)
  • Overhead Stirrer Hei Torque Core (Heidolph, Germany)
  • Precision Balance (AND FX-3000i, Japan)
  • Precision Balance (AND FX-5000i, Japan)
  • Peristaltic Pump (Masterflex, USA)
  • Digital Micrometer (Mitutoyo, Japan)
  • Magnetic Stirrer Hei Tec (Heldolph, German )
  • Fume Hood (Esco EFD-4A8, Singapore)
  • Muffle Furnace (Carbolite, UK)
  • Casting Knive (Elcometer, UK)
  • DO meter (Lovibond, UK)
  • Microwave MAHD (Electrolux EMM2308X) + Termocuple + Control Box
  • Pompa Vakum (value VE115N)
  • Waterbath Destilator
  • Tray Dryer

b. Glassware

  • Boiling Flask Bottom ( Pyrex 1000 ml )
  • Boiling Flask Bottom (Duran 2000 ml)
  • Unit Destilator (Reflux spiral, Connector lurus, T, dan lengkung)
  • Boiling Flask Bottom (Pyrex 500 ml)
  • Unit Destilator (Reflux Spiral)
  • Desiccator 10.5 L flat flange (Duran)

c. Support Instrument

  • Emergency Eye/Face Wash and Drench Shower (Sysbel)
  • Servo motor
  • Unit Komputer
  • Kompor Lisrik
  • Infared Termometer

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