Agroindustrial Process Engineering Laboratory(APEL)

Agroindustrial Process Engineering Laboratory(APEL)


Agro-Industrial Process Engineering Laboratory is one of the laboratories at the Department of Agroindustrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya. This laboratory was established in 1998 and known as Process Engineering and Production System Laboratory, which changed to Agrochemical Technology Laboratory in 2007. The laboratory became Agroindustrial Process Engineering Laboratory early this year. This Laboratory facilitates research and practice for students and lecturers in Process Engineering based on agroindustrial products. Our research topics focus on designing the processes and technological advances to improve the added value of the materials, multiple-scale studies, also developing new agroindustrial materials and products.

Roles and Functions

Research and practicum are two roles and functions of this Laboratory. The laboratory supports undergraduate, master and doctoral students’ research and academic staffs’ research in the Departments of Agroindustrial Technology and for the students and lecturers in the Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Universitas Brawijaya. This Laboratory also facilitates practicum for students from the Department of Agroindustrial Technology in several subjects: Basic of Agroindustrial Materials, Unit Operations and Process, Process Engineering and Optimization, Plant and Factory Design, and Agroindustrial Products Analysis and Evaluation.

Facility and Instrument

Laboratory instruments:
1. Rotary Vacuum Evaporator
2. Fruit Hardness Tester
3. Refractometer
4. Food Dehydrator
5. Colourimeter
6. Moisture Balance
7. pH meter
8. Centrifuge
9. Hot Plate Stirrer
10. Electric stove
11. Gas stove
12. Distillatory
13. Oven
14. Homogenizer
15. Analytical balance
16. Digital balance
17. Sieve Shaker
18. Pycnometer
19. Glassware

Laboratory facilities:
1. Research bench, locker
2. Practical activities
3. Agroindustrial product training
4. Agroindustrial product production

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