Solid Waste Remediation and Treatment Laboratory

Solid Waste Remediation and Treatment Laboratory

1. Laboratory Description

Environmental Remediation and Solid Waste Management Laboratory is a laboratory that aims to conduct research and technological innovations to restore the environment, both water, soil and air that are polluted by organic and inorganic pollutants. The Remediation Laboratory is located in Ngijo Village. Regency. Poor. In this Lab there are 2 buildings, the first is used for the test process and research analysis, and the second is used is the Green house to manipulate environmental conditions in order to create favorable environmental conditions.

2. Functions and Roles of the Laboratory

a. Facilitate students in carrying out practical courses related to environmental remediation
b. Facilitate students in carrying out their final project related to environmental remediation
c. conducting research and technological innovation based on environmental remediation
d. conduct testing and analysis of environmental elements with parameters based on environmental remediation

3. Laboratory Equipment and Facilities

a. equipment

I. 1 Unit High Volume Air Sampler
ii. IMPINGER Air Quality Sampler 1 Unit
I, I, I. Incubator 1 Unit
iv. Visible Light Spectrophotometer 1 Unit
v. Microscope 1 Unit
vi. Colony Counter 1 Unit
vii. Autoclave 2 Units
viii. Oven 2 Unit
ix. Anemometer 1 Unit
x. Refrigerator 1 Unit
xi. 1 Unit Refrigerator Box
xii. Glass Laboratory 1 Unit

b. Test and Analysis Facility

1. Open a Laboratory (Rent laboratory equipment and premises for preparation, treatment, and testing),
2. Air Quality Test and Analysis (Total particulates, SOx, NOx, NH3, H2S, and Oxidants)
3. Environmental Microbiological Test and Analysis (Identification of Microbes, Total Bacteria, and Total Coliforms)

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