FLURAL, Tool for neutralizing Air Pollutants in Space Factory

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FLURAL, Tool for neutralizing Air Pollutants in Space Factory

fluralThe development of science and technology (science and technology) led to rapid growth of development, especially in the industrial sector. This development is in addition to a positive impact also having negative impacts on society, and the emergence of well water pollution, soil and air pollution. One of the pollution occurred, and the formation of air pollution emissions such as NOx, SOx, Ox, HC and other particulates that come from industrial machines. The actual danger posed not only a danger in the air outside, but also may endanger the conditions of workers in the industry itself if the air condition is not considered properly. Industrial machines which are still mainly traditional and the use of fossil fuels can produce gases and particulates that can harm workers’ health. Couple with the closed buildings and lack of circulation. To meet the needs of the air workers, factories to install the fan so that the air remains well supplied. But the air is supplied only accumulated and mixed with emissions of gases produced by the engine of the plant. The air should be processed first in order to be free of harmful substances. It is encouraging students of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology of Brawijaya University, Zaroh Rodhiani (TEP 2012), Himayati Salamah (TEP 2012) and Dito Donas Nugroho (TEP 2013) under the guidance of Fajri Anugroho, STP, M.Agr, Ph.D to develop tools can help solve these problems through the Student Creativity Program Cipta Karsa field (PKM-KC). FLURAL (Air Filter of Active Charcoal Tongue-in-law) is a tool of the development of a fan or a centrifugal fan used in factories with added air treatment systems using activated charcoal bio-absorbent form of tongue-in-law (Sansiviera Trisfasciata).

These systems involve a mix of centrifugal fan and duct piping that will connect or channeling air from outside or room into a system using activated charcoal adsorbs the tongue-in-law. Activated charcoal as an adsorbent serves to absorb particles or substances in the air. Activated charcoal is placed in a system that became the place or the means of processing. Air will enter or be pumped by a centrifugal fan and then be channeled into the drain piping. From this piping channel, subsequent air flowed into the capsule activated charcoal or activated charcoal media. Of activated charcoal capsule’s air will be absorbed by activated charcoal which amount may be adjusted as needed. Once adsorbed, the air will be channeled back by a pipeline leading to the output holes.

Expected outcomes of this program is the creation of a tool that can neutralize or treating or controlling air pollutants in a factory in order to maintain the health of the factory workers, as well as further development in order to be useful to society at large. (Translated by Ratri)

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