FTP Triumphs in Pertamina OSN Science Project for ASEAN

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November 26, 2015
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November 27, 2015

FTP Triumphs in Pertamina OSN Science Project for ASEAN

12249940_10208425558902600_5514014831903306268_nAgain, students from Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) Brawijaya University (UB) made their alma mater proud in International. At the final of Science Project which was held on Saturday – Thursday (November 21-26, 2015) in University of Indonesia Jakarta, UB succeeded to get two teams passed to the final that all come from FTP. Both are Ahmad Diyanal Arifin (TEP, Agriculture Engineering, 2012) and Nada Mawarda Rilek (TIP, Agriculture Industrial Technology, 2013).

Not only passed to the final in ASEAN, but Ahmad Diyanal with two other team members also succeeded to get cash of thirty million rupiahs as the second winner. At the final, Nada Mawarda and her members succeeded to be Honorable Mention Award and got cash of five million rupiahs.

Pertamina Science Olympic (OSN) on Pertamina Science Project is a competition for works of a team with three members from a university. OSN-Pertamina 2015 has improved its competition level into ASEAN since it involves students from state/private universities in Indonesia and best universities in Southeast Asia countries. Selection process on OSN Pertamina, with total prize 3.3 billion rupiahs, which must be passed by the participants to get to the final are poster selection and science project presentation which are held simultaneously in 42 Universities Partner on October 15, 2015. Based on the presentation result and assessment from regional judges, 30 teams were selected with best grade which will be decreased into 15 teams through interview phase with the judges. These 15 teams will present prototype of their innovation in the final. In accordance with government’s effort in realizing energy mix on 2025, which the use of renewable energy is up to 25 percent, OSN Pertamina used “Energi Baru dan Terbarukan” (Renewable Energy) as its theme on this Science Project. The contested innovation work can be related to Software Application (APL), Design-Build (RB) and Superior Product (PU).

Responding the achievement, Vice Dean III FTP Student Affair, Dr. Ir. Yusuf Hendrawan, M. App. Sc. Life. Ph. D. stated his appreciation and proud. “As Vice Dean III, I am very proud of students’ achievements. Previously on PIMNAS 28 which just ended yesterday, FTP won 5 gold medals out of 10 gold medals gotten by UB. Moreover, now FTP succeeded to get 4 teams into the semifinal, out of 5 teams from UB for OSN Pertamina Science Project in ASEAN, whereas not many universities can get their teams to this prestigious competition. Perhaps only University of Indonesia (UI) that also succeeded to get 5 teams into the final for ASEAN. Evidently, UB succeeded to get two teams into final and they were from FTP. Moreover, they succeeded to bring achievement home. Congratulation to the students who are great, smart, innovative, creative and assiduous! They made FTP-UB proud in ASEAN. Although it is the first experience for joining OSN-Pertamina, but two teams from FTP got into OSN Pertamina and they won. Hopefully it can be emulated by their juniors. We (FTP-UB) are creating CHAMPIONS,” Dr. Yusuf explained.

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