FTP Wins Tennis on Korpri 44th Anniversary

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November 26, 2015
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November 30, 2015

FTP Wins Tennis on Korpri 44th Anniversary

IMG-20151127-WA0007[1]Contingent from Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) won tennis competition between faculties in Brawijaya University (UB) on KORPRI (Officer Corps of Republic Indonesia) 44th Anniversary that was held in UB Sport Center, Thursday to Friday (26-27/11/2015). Men’s Doubles team, Djoko Sudarto, S. Sos., M. A. P., and Sukamto won the 1st place for the category of 50 years old, 3rd place for category of 40 year old and 2nd place on free category.

On Thursday (26/11/2015) for category of 50 years old, FTP beat FMIPA (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) team in the semifinal by 8-2, after previously win bye (win unopposed based on the draw) in the quarterfinal. In the final, these two FTP’s sportsmen showed their power again by defeating FEB (Faculty of Economics and Business) with 8-2. The supporters directly shouted their cheer right after FTP’s team was declared as the first winner for category of 50 years old.

Moreover, Djoko Sudarto-Sukamto team also won the third place for category of 40 years old after winning bye in the quarterfinal. In the semifinal this team against Central Office and got 5-8 point. In the final, FTP’s team was declared won over MIPA by WO.

On mix double match that was held on Friday (27/11/2015), Djoko Sudarto-Sukamto team won the second place. In the quarterfinal, this team beat FIA (Faculty of Administration Science)-FEB team by 8-5. In the semifinal, FTP’s team matched with FEB-FK (Medical Faculty) by 8-7. Finally FTP’s team got to the final by 7-8 over KP-FT (Faculty of Engineering) team.

Thus, Djoko Sudarto, S.Sos. M.AP – Sukamto team succeeded to establish themselves as the only sportsman team in UB Korpri 44th Anniversary who won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from three difference category in tennis.

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