FTP Holds an Entrepreneurship Guest Lecture entitled “The Role of Entrepreneurship in Facing Global Challenges”

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September 8, 2019
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September 9, 2019

FTP Holds an Entrepreneurship Guest Lecture entitled “The Role of Entrepreneurship in Facing Global Challenges”

Entrepreneurship Guest Lecture which presented Owner Mommy Mango and Ciliwungcamp

Wednesday (4/9) an Entrepreneurship Guest Lecture was held titled “The Role of Entrepreneurship in Facing Global Challenges” in the Hall of F Building FTP 2nd floor at 10.10 to 12.30 WIB. This activity was deliberately held and counted as practicum twice in Entrepreneurship courses.

This guest lecture invited two speakers namely Sheila Sagita and Andre Angga, STP. SO Sheila Sagita is the owner of Mommy Mango while Andre Angga, STP. SO who is an alumni of TIP FTP UB is the owner of Ciliwungcamp.

Sheila Sagita tells the story of her life before success as it is today. He was born from a family that is less well-off, so he finished his schooling until high school. Then he continued his education at the Stewardess School in Yogyakarta. To finance his school and life, he has worked as a cleaning service at Adisucipto International Airport, Yogyakarta. Destiny brings it to ease. He registered as a flight attendant for the Yemen Airways VIP flight. His winding journey of life led him to the culinary business that he lived until now. There are four businesses that have been undertaken, namely Smoothies Kitchen (2013-present), Mommy Mango (2017-present), Papi Duren (2019), and Brown Tiger (2019). He claimed that it was not easy to run a culinary business. Even the smoothies business was about by my husband. But thanks to his perseverance, he was able to prove that he could succeed with his business.

Another case with Andre Angga. Andre Angga who is a graduate of TIP FTP UB also proved that his hobby with the world of “Adventure” can bring benefits to him. He proved that he could succeed in his own way. He is now a concrete example of a successful FTP alumni as Ciliwungcamp owner with tens of millions of monthly turnover.

Sheila and Andre advised the students not to give up easily, let alone to arrive at a position of successful business. “We must follow the trends. Idealists and Marketing must be in line”. Said Sheila.

In this activity Sheila and Andre distributed their product vouchers to 3 questioners and got lucky. This of course triggers the audience’s enthusiasm to dig up information that is not yet known.

Hopefully this guest lecture can produce FTP entrepreneurs in the future. (Din)

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