FTP Welcomes 778 New Students with Local Food

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September 2, 2015
Socialization of PKM DIKTI 2015/2016
September 8, 2015

FTP Welcomes 778 New Students with Local Food

778 new students of bachelor 2015 Faculty of Agricultural Technology Brawijaya University was welcomed by local food propaganda in College Life Introduction event (PK2) of FTP on Wednesday (02/09/2015) in Samantha Krida UB.

“As institution of food and agriculture, we should concern to this problem. Nowadays the number of import in Indonesia is increased in fact many local commodity which has high nutrition contain till it appropriate to substitutes the existing food materials during now. Moreover nowadays it tends to decrease the affection of people to the local food product. Because that, we want to lift back up beans, cassava, and coconut as one of rich nutrition local commodity however it start to be forgot,” Yuduf Hendrawan, STP.,M.A.pp.Sc.,Life.,Ph.D who is the Vice Dean III of FTP of Student.

As early propaganda, the organizers have prepared a lunch noodles made from cassava which has calorie content two times higher than potatoes. Cassava is also chosen as a raw material because it has a better efficacy of rice as anticancer, antitumor and increase appetite. In addition, much better cassava consumed by diabetics than white rice. Moreover, cassava is also gluten-free, rich in fibber and zero cholesterol. The oil is used as a thirst quencher replaces the mineral water that has been commonly used. The committee has been providing oil derivative products shaped nata de coco for all new students. Coconut water is rich in potassium (potassium), minerals and other vitamins. That is why coconut water can be used as a substitute for mineral water that has been commonly consumed. As the menu companion, the committee has also prepared a variety of snacks made from sweet potatoes / yams that contain vitamins A, C and E, beta carotene, magnesium, potassium and rich in oxidants, as well as nuts nan rich in fat, contains high protein, iron, vitamin E and calcium, vitamin B complex and phosphorus, vitamins A and K, lecithin, choline and calcium. Beans and cassava also have properties to increase the resilience of the body so it is appropriate for use in activities of PK2 which is very crowd activity.

“Not only through the introduction of consumption, the new students a structured task in reviewing journals and essays also makes us raise the theme of local food. New student expected if from the beginning has been introduced to the local food, the future direction of their research will also lift the commodity whether in the thesis, PKM, or research and other tasks. So increasingly educated society with local commodities,” Vice Dean III of FTP added.

In a separate occasion, the Dean of FTP, Dr.Ir. Sudarminto Setyo Yuwono, M.App. Sc. when opening the event welcomed all new students with the message, “Be eagle ready to fly off the next four years. Keep the trust of parents. FTP is a flexible technology faculty because of the many positive activities that build, follow everything he could. Congratulations for you all to be part of the best faculty in UB. In addition been accredited A BAN-PT, in FTP also has two internationally accredited institution IFT United States and AUN-QA at the ASEAN level. So take advantage of the best possible. Absorb all the knowledge and positive experience. Be a student who always brings goodness and progress for the people. “(dse/translated by Ratri)

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