FTP Tasyakuran Rector Cup Champion 2019

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April 10, 2019
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April 11, 2019

FTP Tasyakuran Rector Cup Champion 2019

FTP held a tasyakuran with the Rector Cup contingent on Tuesday (8/4) in the 2nd floor. The event was intended as an expression of gratitude for the success of the contingent in regaining the championship after previously held by the Faculty of Engineering

Rector Cup is a prestigious event held by the rector as an effort to print the next generation of Universitas Brawijaya PIMNAS which can only be followed by new students. FTP as one of the medal contributors in the PIMNAS event is required to be able to print the seeds of PKM Brawijaya successors. The champion that has been achieved by FTP is inseparable from the help of the lecturer and the success team. Wadek III, Mr. Yusuf Hendrawan said that “FTP is the backbone of Brawijaya”, so it is a big responsibility for FTP to continue to contribute to the PKM Brawijaya event. Tasyakuran was held as a form of expression of gratitude for all FTP academics for the success of winning the Rector Cup event, by putting hope in prayer to get the best results on the next occasion.

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