(Indonesian) FTP Terima Kunjungan Universitas Nusa Cendana

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Desember 8, 2014
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(Indonesian) FTP Terima Kunjungan Universitas Nusa Cendana

undanaFaculty of Agricultural Technology of Brawijaya University (FTP UB) got a visit from University of Nusa Cendana (Undana), Kupang Nusa Teggara Timur. The group of Undana that consisted of Vice Dean I Faculty of Agriculture (Faperta) Undana, Prof.Dr.Ir.Nyman Mahayasa., Vice Dean II of Faperta, Ir.Maria Bano, MP., Vice Dean III of Faperta, Dr.Ir.Lince Mukun, MS., Ph.D., Head of Student Executive Vody (BEM) of Faperta, Ayub A.Gawang, Secretary of BEM Faperta, Eky S.D.Lau and Head of Student Executive Council of Faculty of Fishery and Marine of Undana, Marlon Ardhi Raja was accepted by the Dean of FTP, Dr.Ir.Bambang Susilo, M.Sc, Agr., accompanied by Vice Dean I of FTP of Academic Affair, Dr.Ir.Bambang Dwi Argo DEA, Vice Dean II of FTP of Public Administration and Finance, Dr.Ir.Sudarminto Setyo Yuwono, M.App.Sc., Vice Dean III of FTP of Student Affairs, Dr.Ir.Elok Zubaidah,MP., Head of Administration of FTP, Drs.Fatchur Rahman, M.AB., Head of Student Affairs Sub Division, Dra.Yuniarni Retno Daryanti, President of Student Executive Body of FTP 2014, M.Nurhadi and Head of Student Sovereignty Institute of Agrotechno Business Center (LKM ABC), Sujatmiko on Tuesday 9th December 2014 in Courtroom of FTP on 8th floor at 2.30 pm.

The Vice Dean I of Faculty of Agricultural Technology of Undana, Prof.Dr.Ir.Nyoman Mahayasa in his speech conveyed, “From this our visit we expected can get many things related to higher education management and decision which is taken in its implementation in the field. We also expected that we can learn the academic policy and its financial management, also how to make health competition to be achieved continuously around the student. We expected may the result of this benchmarking can be accorded to be implemented in our place of education implementation.  We also expected this visit can open the door the corporation of two universities, can by internship program or other possibilities,” Ir.Nyoman explained in his speech.


undana_3While the Dean of FTP except said welcome and their appreciation of this visit, he also explained the profile of FTP and also prevailed policies in FTP. “FTP even though not the youngest, but FTP is including of young faculty in UB. However it is 16 years, currently FTP has more than 3 thousand students, FTP and its three study programs such as Food Science and Technology (ITP), Agricultural Engineering (TEP) also Agriculture Industry Technology (TIP) also had A accreditation of BAN-PT. even one of our study programs it is ITP had international accreditation of Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), United Stated, or the second in Indonesia after Agriculture Institute of Bogor (IPB). In addition, the other two programs also in the process of international accreditation University Network-Quality Assessment (AUN-QA). About the possibility of corporation among institutions, of course we welcoming greatly. Whether in Harvard, UB or Undana, the science material is still the same, just different culture. For internship program or student exchange, may be just need curriculum harmonization. Other things or details may being able to discuss in agreement and the point of Agreement Memorandum (MoA),” Dr.Bambang Susilo explained.

Related to financial management, the Vice Dean II of FTP conveyed that there were based differences with previous policy. “Before the financial management is tender base, now it changes to plan base. Thus the financial management can be provided effectively. Every end of the year, we have made financial plan or one year future with decided ceiling. Usually our direction is 50 percent for laboratory equipment procurement or supporting tools, and the rest 50 percent for Human Resource development such as training, workshop, course or other improving soft skills. Then it will be more fair, equal and transparent for each unit,” Dr.Sudarminto said.

undana_1While the Vice Dean III of FTP, Dr.Ir.Elok Zubaidah explained about student in FTP. “Currently in FTP there are 21 student organizations consisted of 15 Student Creativity Institutes, 3 student associations in each faculty, such as HIMALOGISTA, HIMATETA and HIMATITAN also Student Representative Council (DPM), Student Executive Body (BEM) or Provisional Student’s Consultative Assembly (MPM). President of BEM with its party are the hand lengthen of faculty for students. BEM and DPM can channel the student aspiration to the faculty, and they also really help us about student searching. To improve entrepreneurship, our students have ABC or Agritechno Business Center. ABC is divided into two part named ABC Mart which sell ATK, snack, various student needs and printer rental also ABC Food Court which serves various healthy food products. For ABC it is totally managed by the student like this,” Dr.Elok explained.


undana_2After sharing about academic policy, student management and the possibility of corporation agreement, the event was continued with FTP’s souvenirs giving by Dr.Ir.bambang Susilo,M.Sc.Agr. Field trip to student entrepreneurship of ABC (Agrotechno Business Center) and Food Training Production Center (FTPC/Bakery FTP) was the closing event. In the ABC Food Court, the presidium of BEM party of Undana also had the time to enjoy functional food product by ABC such as Healthy Cappucinno Cincau, fresh drink from cincau as stomach cooler because its characteristic that easy digest then it prevents puffing stomach or abdomen discomfort and Kupan Cake from ganyong flour as carbohydrate source and can be used for heartburn and urine-access inflammation. (dse/translated by Ratri)


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