Additional Bidikmisi Scholarship Information 2019

FTP Student Character Building Training Activities Officially Begins
September 24, 2019
Monitoring and Evaluation of Entrepreneurial Student Programs
September 25, 2019

Additional Bidikmisi Scholarship Information 2019

Additional Bidikmisi Scholarship Information 2019

Additional 2019 Bidikmisi Scholarships have been opened!

Requirements for Bidikmisi enthusiasts for the class of 2019 are as follows:
1. New Student class of 2019

2. Has never been determined as a recipient of Bidikmisi in higher education

3. The highest age at admission to college is 21 years

4. Not economically capable with the following criteria:
a. Students receiving Indonesia Smart Cards (KIP) or the like
b. Gross income of parents / guardians combined (husband + wife) as high as Rp. 4,000,000.00 (four million rupiah) or the combined gross opinion of parents / guardians divided by the maximum number of family members Rp. 750,000.00 (Seven hundred fifty thousand rupiah)

5. Education of parents / guardians as high as S1 (Strata 1) or Diploma 4

Required files:
1. Certificate of active lectures at the faculty
2. The last diploma legalized school
3. Photocopy of KTM
4. Photocopy of KTP
5. 4×6 color photo
6. Photocopy of KK
7. Certificate of Disability from the village or village
8. Certificate of income RT, RW & Village if the entrepreneur / parent’s salary slip
9. Parent’s employment certificate from the workplace / RT, RW & kelurahan if self-employed
10. KHS last semester has been legalized by the faculty
11. Photos of the condition of the house: front, inside and side
12. Photocopy of the latest UN slip, electricity, water, telephone and vehicle tax
13. All files are placed in a yellow paper stopmap and named, no. HP, NIM, majors and faculties
14. Death certificate, if parents die

File collection is the latest at:
Day, date: Friday, September 27, 2019
At: 10:00 WIB
Place: FTP BEM Secretariat

Contact person
Mita (id line: satyaraniii)

Thus this information is to be used as well as possible. (Din)

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