Activities of FTP UB THP Procession: Greet the Graduates of 2019 Period

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September 10, 2019
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September 11, 2019

Activities of FTP UB THP Procession: Greet the Graduates of 2019 Period

Sambutan Perwakilan Panitia

Saturday, November 7, 2019 the Agricultural Product Technology Student Association held a procession to welcome the graduating and graduating brothers who held the graduation for 2019. This activity was attended by 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 students and 2019 new students. it starts at 09.00 WIB which is gathered together with FTP UB’s wish. Then practice singing the THP pride mars. After that the students marched to the side of the Samantha Krida Building in preparation for the procession reception by forming a line. At 11.00 WIB the graduates had completed the graduation ceremony and were paraded along to the Faculty of Agricultural Technology. There were 13 THP graduates, namely Fania Dewi Amalia, Novemi Inka Rayna, Bekti Dini Nginayati, George Yudistira Permata Dewa, Ardelia Winata, Dhia Arista Putri, Solisa Vania, Wahyu Intan, Junita Dian, Heddalina, Fahmi, Rhoudatul, Anindya Sasri. After the process of chanting took place, it was followed by a speech by the committee representative namely Achmad Ilgam and a speech from the representatives of graduates namely Ardelia and Fahmi. The last series of events is a group photo and it ends at 12.00 WIB. The procession is expected to become a hereditary tradition to increase the solidarity of THP students. (ER)

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