Excitement of Inauguration of TEP 2018

Welcome Party 2019
April 21, 2019
(Indonesian) Pelatihan Aneka Kue Bawang di FPTC FTP
April 24, 2019

Excitement of Inauguration of TEP 2018

Inaugurasi TEP 2018 (21/04/2019) takes place in the Hall Lt. 2 Building F Faculty of Agricultural Technology

Starting from the morning until the evening the event was held, the residents of Agriculture Engineering (TEP.red) were welcomed. The morning program held a game with three post games to strengthen the relationship between the three study programs and ended with the announcement of the winner of the race. It was not enough until that the event continued until the evening was getting lively with various performances starting from the 2017 level brother and from the 2018 class itself. The evening program was also welcomed by the Chairperson of the Association (Dhiki Wahyu Saputra / 2016) and confirmed the citizens of TEP 2018 as part of the family majoring in Agricultural Engineering. The inauguration is an activity that aims to train the 2018 generation to be able to design an activity that can be carried out well, with all the elements of the committee being the 2018 class itself, although it still receives direction from the senior level.

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